• Dreaming...

    We think big— imagining innovative skincare products into existence. Starting with many drafts on paper to prototyping actual skincare products.

  • Formulating...

    Well-researched and scientifically proven ingredients are artfully combined and merged with a dose of intentionality, for most optimal formulations.

  • Constantly perfecting...

    Our formulators have a deep understanding of the science related to the functioning of the skin, and decades of experience creating unique and synergistic formulations.


The Topical Skin advanced research and science professionals identified Oleosomes as a multi-benefit ingredient and a delivery system to be included in brand formulas.

Oleosomes, which contain beneficial fatty acids, primarily linolenic acid, and Vitamin E, are known for their ability to help diminish the signs and occurrence of dry skin and lock moisture in.

Oleosomes gradually release the stored emollient plant oil and vitamin E over an extended period, providing the skin with long-lasting moisture.

The Safflower (Carthamus tinctorius) oleosomes are unique organelles that house triglycerides and fatty acids and demonstrate a natural resilience to environmental stresses. There is recent growing interest in safflower oleosomes due to their potential applications in dermatology, especially as a carrier technology to improve drug penetration through the skin.*

*Patel P, Wang JY, Mineroff J, Jagdeo J.
The potential cutaneous benefits of Carthamus tinctorius oleosomes.
Arch Dermatol Res. 2023 Dec 7;316(1):26. doi: 10.1007/s00403-023-02750-y. PMID: 38060028.


Topical Skin's innovative formulations harness the most biologically active ingredients nature and labs have to offer in concentrations that increase product efficacy and pair them with the latest technological and scientific advancements to provide the most-effective products available in the market. Our multi-tasking products are rigorously tested to ensure stability and optimal efficacy and designed to help improve the appearance of:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Skin tone and texture
  • Firmness and elasticity
  • Signs of aging: pores, discoloration, redness, skin laxity, other


Grounded in advanced clinical science, we continually invest in the research and development of new products, clinical studies, and the discovery and evaluation of the most recent scientific and technological advancements. Our team of passionate and highly trained scientists, chemists, microbiologists, physicians, science-loving skincare experts, and product visionaries work together to bring forth cosmetically elegant and result-oriented innovations for all skin types.


At Topical Skin Laboratories we don't pick the components for our cosmetics on a whim or based on what's popular right now. Aesthetic medicine has also played a significant role in our organization's identity. Every skincare product we develop is based on the most recent research. Our knowledgeable formulators keep a close watch on scientific advancements and stay informed on the latest research and breakthroughs in the fields of aesthetic medicine, dermatology, and cosmetics.

Topical Skin Science

Topical Skin is a peptide- and antioxidant-rich product line designed to help rejuvenate the skin and support its barrier function. In order to create cutting-edge formulations, we pair botanical constituents with advanced synthetic actives that have undergone clinical validation, leveraging the most innovative technologies. Essential to achieving healthy, revitalized skin, our professional-grade products are developed for greater efficacy and safety and are suitable for all skin types.

Medical Science Liaison

Dr. Ekta Yadav, MD MBA MS

Dr. Yadav has been in the research realm since she was 7 years old. Dr. Yadav has five professional degrees, MD, MBA, MS, BS, BA, and numerous certifications in the realm of biomedical sciences.
Dr. Yadav is an award-winning scientist, medical board advisor, podcast host, editor, and published author. She has authored multiple publications encompassing oncology, microbiology, dermatology, respiratory medicine, and breast cancer research, to name a few. Dr. Yadav is a contributing Editor for “The Scientific Journal of Clinical Research In Dermatology”(SJCRD) and an American Journal Of Internal Medicine (AJIM) and has been involved in reviewing manuscripts being considered for acceptance for other publications and is on multiple editorial boards of esteemed open-access medical journals.
Dr. Yadav is utilizing her medical and research background to head several initiatives geared toward skin and surgery-related health concerns. Her most recent project has involved the study of Aquaporins found in the lung and surrounding tissues and their expression in response to nanoparticle injury.
Dr Yadav is well regarded as a leader in bridging the gap between academia-based publications and media-based editorial through her Skincare Anarchy LLC venture and accompanying publication, YŪGEN magazine, both featured in international media outlets including Forbes, BusinessInsider, Yahoo! , Entrepreneur, ABC news, FOX News, Associated Press and many more.