Understanding the importance of skincare, expert advice, and professional guidance is the first step in achieving optimal skin health.

As a brand, we are enthralled by the microscopic nuances of facial skin biology and the delicate equilibrium of the skin microbiota. We embrace new scientific discoveries and use them to develop innovative formulations that our professional partners can utilize as keys to unlock their patients' and clients' healthy, glowing complexion.

Topical Skin is used and approved by dermatologists, estheticians, professional spas and other skincare experts, including NPs, PAs.

Unparalleled Effectiveness

Unparalleled Effectiveness

I love the Topical Skin Rejuvenating Moisturizer for myself and my clients.

In the ever-evolving world of skincare, finding a product that truly delivers on its promises can be a daunting task. However, my search for the perfect topical skincare solution recently came to an end when I discovered this remarkable product.
From the moment I started using the Rejuvenating Moisturizer, I noticed a significant improvement in the overall health and appearance of my skin. Its powerful formula, packed with potent ingredients, worked wonders in tackling various skin concerns, including dryness and uneven texture. The results were nothing short of remarkable, leaving my skin looking radiant, smooth, and rejuvenated.

Donna Fay, LE | The Beauty Expert


Anti-Glycation Powerhouse

Anti-Glycation Powerhouse

"I love the Topical Skin Age-Defying Peptide Serum and Topical Skin Hydrating Cleanser.
The ceramide-based cleanser efficiently removes dirt and grime without stripping the skin, while the serum, enhanced with peptides and botanicals, is a potent anti-glycation solution. Both formulas tap into the power of oleosomes for long-lasting hydration."

Sarah McCarthy 
Medical Aesthetician

Director of Skin Care Department I Radford Studio


a staple in my professional toolkit

Professional Toolkit Staple

"TOPICAL SKIN Moisturizer has truly left a lasting impression on me as a licensed esthetician. This skincare gem has proven to be a standout product in its category, delivering exceptional results that have garnered my professional endorsement.

What sets TOPICAL SKIN Moisturizer apart is its thoughtfully curated blend of ingredients. The moisturizer combines hydrating elements like hyaluronic acid and aloe vera with powerful antioxidants such as vitamin C. This unique formulation not only provides deep hydration to the skin but also offers protection against environmental stressors, leaving the skin looking radiant and revitalized."

Klara Chrzuszcz LE, CLT, MLE
KLARA Beauty Lab, NYC


Antioxidant + Botanical Symphony

Antioxidant + Botanical Symphony

Super smoothing and hydrating! I absolutely love the Topical Skin Peptides + AOX Lip Plumper, packed with botanical and antioxidants! It feels smooth, not sticky at all, and has a very pleasant peppermint scent. I enjoy the hydrating and instant plumping effect! The most important thing is that it stays on the lips for a while. I highly recommend it, especially to someone who doesn’t like fillers and hates the feel of the lipstick but wants to have natural plump lips!

Karina Grigoryeva
Licensed Medical Aesthetician

Clean Cosmeceuticals

Clean Cosmeceuticals

I am a big fan of Topical Skin, a new generation of clean cosmeceutical products that quickly became a staple in my daily skincare regimen. The brand is solving multiple skin concerns using fewer products, which I appreciate. The Rejuvenating Moisturizer is a comprehensive formula enhanced with niacinamide. It soaks into my skin, leaving it nourished and soft-to-touch. I highly recommend it.

Clarissa Borg - Esthetician

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